Saturday, 13 April 2013

Every Good Boy Deserves Fruit

Ok, so it's only been a decade in the making, but thanks in no small part to, my very own soap opera, Every Good Boy Deserves Fruit, is now published as an ebook. The paper copy is coming very soon.

I originally wrote it to use as the basis of an e-learning course, but like so many projects, the 90% perspiration was never quite there to bring it to fruition.

It's set in the lovely Czech city of Brno, and includes a romantic excursion to Vienna. There is a healthy mix, or an unhealthy one, some might say, of Czechs and ex-pats engaged in all sorts of business activities and not all of them involve money exchanging hands. Sometimes it's the hands exchanging that makes it a bit steamy at times.

Bear in mind that it was written for gay guys learning English as a foreign language, not as an attempt on great literature. This also explains why each chapter begins with some vocabulary and cultural notes.

Anyway, the boys are lying in wait for you at Lulu, should such a read take your fancy. And if you are only interested in it for the cover picture, well, I can't blame you. He's a little hottie for sure. Let me know and I'll pass on your compliments.