Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Could anyone come out better than this?

Well, yes, people can come out better by not having to come out at all. Some of us are lucky enough for  sexuality to be a non-issue. But a high profile chap like this Don or Anderson Cooper, Ellen, Jodie F,  Elton,  or the scrummy little Lebo-Fre-Anglo I wanna be a pop star, Mika wannabeing Grace Kelly and Freddie Mercury at the same time, well my dear, what are we in? Not a closet, surly!  Curly lip. Yes, these skyscraping high fliers do have a responsibility to their corporate sponsors, to the members of their "family", and ultimately to themselves. What could be worse than being a really famous person leading at best a double life, at worst none at all because you can't be who you are? My obscurity makes me happier than my obesity.