Friday, 30 November 2012

Dozens of Czechs undergo sex change each year

First, despite the gay nature of this blog, I don't really associate transsexuality with homosexuality. This short article comes from today's email from Cesky rozhlas (Czech radio) that they kindly send me every day. What interested me was the number of transexuals in the CR. Surprisingly high, at least to me. 
Between 50 and 60 people undergo sex change surgeries in the Czech Republic, Ivo Prochazka from Prague's Institute of Sexology told Czech News Agency. The procedures became more common after the fall of communist in the country; over a thousand Czechs have had their sex changed since doctors in Prague carried out the first such surgery in 1942, Mr Prochazka said. There are around 30,000 transsexuals living in the Czech Republic According to Transforum, a support group.