Saturday, 28 July 2012

Sainsbury's Art Gallery's offerings today

Wonderful statues by John Davies and a few manly Manga pics from Anderson and Low

For more of John Davies' statues, see my album here

Jamie and I went across to the Sainsbury Gallery to see the part of the Bill Viola video works. They were outstanding and by all accounts, the least mesmerising of three venues his works are showing at in Norwich at the moment. Downstairs in the Sainsbury, there is a very fine display of works in cases, that they don't have room for in the main gallery. And this where these Davies works can be enjoyed.

My photos are taken using my crap Nokia phone, so don't expect any photographic miracles.

There was also some work by the gay artist couple, Anderson and Low. Jamie's ex-girlfriend worked as their assistant once. Some of the pieces on their website are on display in the Sainsbury too. The most interesting one is the boy with the gun which follows you left and right as you walk past it. How do they that? The thing that struck me about this particular representation of this particular body, the picture here, was the nipple that I have obscured with the text. And which I cannot find on their site.