Friday, 6 January 2012

Gay men don't get fat

Simon Doonan, who delighted us with the BBC TV series, Beautiful People (45" here), has now published a book called Gay men don't get fat. As soon as I've read it, and find out why he so mistakenly thinks this, and can make such brazen claims, I'll be back to you.

Coincidentally (this word always signals the most tenuous connection, don't you find? It's just an excuse to tell a vaguely related anecdote), I had a beverage with an ex-student of mine yesterday and he was telling me about gay people being fit and fabulous, and how he used to work out in a gym in St Louis USA for 2 months before he even realised that the clientele were of an alternative perusasion. He said that fit freaks are always checking each other out, so it never it occurred to him that he was pumping iron with people who no doubt would have liked to be pumping him. As to the picture attached, can we safely assume that Simon Doonan would refuse to acknowledge the gayness of it all?

Coincidentally (again), today there is a BBC news report Body image: Men 'most unhappy about beer bellies' - nothing to do with gay men, of course.

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