Monday, 12 December 2011

Gay rights are human rights

It's official - the US Secretary of State declared it so on Dec 7th 2011.
I demand an annual pubic holiday to mark her pronouncement.

Is it not strange that a country which has so many legislative incongruities regarding gay rights, should drop hints to less enlightened regimes. Why does the word 'regime' have such negative connotations, just BTW? It is not as though Hilary is unaware of her country's mixed record: As late as 2003, some states had laws that made gay sex a crime. And it was only this year that Obama signed into law a bill repealing the "don't ask don't tell" law and allowing homosexuals to serve openly in the US military. This info comes from the BBC website where this story was reported last week (7th Dec 2011).

There are well over 300 reader responses. I haven't read them all. Many of them have been deleted as the BBC's moderators found that they had broken the house rules. They must have been bad, given that the ones that are left are full of hatred, misunderstanding, misinformation, paranoia, nationalism, ignorance and bad grammar. Here's a tickler:
I think if we strengthen family in the west the way God wants us to have it, the number of homosexuals will simply dwindle." 
Admirable methinks is the absence of gays taking the bait. Sensible rational people don't even see the need to have this debate.
Key words from the reader responses that are available at the time of writing.
The bigger the word, the more frequently it occurs in the texts.