Saturday, 12 March 2011

Has anyone's penis fallen off while masturbating

Some questions one never thinks to ask. Or do we? Someone posed the quandary on, which I arrived at having come across my dick came off in my hand in the British National Corpus, in an extract from Kenneth Williams' A Biography.

You see I was having a pee - and my dick came off in my hand.
The doctor asked to see the fallen member.
I've got it in my tobacco pouch, said the patient, undoing his pouch and showing the contents to the doctor.
This isn't a penis, said the medical man. It's two ounces of Ready-Rubbed Old Holborn shag.
the patient replied, I 've smoked my cock.
It was an old joke, but he told it beautifillly.
It wasn't the joke, it was the ritual ...

One concerned correspondent at said: ive heard if you cough sneeze and fart at the same time your penis falls off!!! is this true please tell me im very scared.