Tuesday, 20 January 2009


Here's a word. Just thought of it. I think it was James Joyce who is said to have said that he spent the whole day looking for le mot juste and now that he's found it, he's got to find somewhere to use it.

No, from That Shakespeherian Rag comess this account:
From Marcel Proust sealing himself inside his cork-lined room while writing À la recherche du temps perdu, to Gustave Flaubert rolling around on the floor in agony trying to discover “le mot juste,” to James Joyce complaining that he managed to write seven words in a day, but didn’t know what order to arrange them in...

As many of the posts so far have been about gay Australians, perhaps I should rename the blog Gaystralia. Let me think about that for a moment!

PS: trust urban dictionary to deride the use of le mot juste - this is why we love them.

PPS: do an image search for gay australia and we're spoilt for choice!