Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Good luck guys

Scouring the web for Down Under gayzines RSS feeds to add to the homepage of my Gay English course, I came across a story about Tim Campbell coming out. Well I'd never heard of him. That's him on the right. Then there was some mention of his attachment to Ant Callea, whom I've barely heard of. That's him on the left.

Thankfully, Wikipedia does them both proud. The ole chook was born 27 September 1975 in Sydney wheras the kid was born December 13, 1982 in Melbourne to Italian parents. One wonders what predictions an astrologer would make for their potential longevity as a couple.

Let’s wish Tim and Ant as much longevity as they desire. It ain't no picnic. It was rather brave of them to out their relationship given the media’s notorious respect for people’s lives.
The question was asked a while ago and we weren't, but we have gotten to a point where we are very happy together.
(Quoted here and heaps of places)
For the press, everyone and everything we do is little more than print-fodder. Performers have speical pressures like their commitment to their careers, their egos, their managers and teams and of course to their fans. The public does not want to see a performer having an off day. Not even teachers are allowed that! Performers keep non-family hours, are away on tour often for long stretches, with people who are also away from home and their loved ones. Our testosterone and libido never leave us - this opens those little trapdoors of temptation for the traveller just as for the partner back home. Coupled with temptation, there is also suspicion. I know, I lived with a muso for 12 years myself. Good luck T & A!

It seems they are all out these days. Don't start me on Darren Hayes, Matthew Mitcham, Peter Allen or Portia de Rossi. Ahh, these showbiz marriages ... Leave them for another day.

Good Australians have so much to be proud of.

PS: still haven't found an adequate RSS from Down Under gayzines.